Antik Cistern has a different style and content than usual places. In 1984, during the foundation excavations of the Antik Hotel,Late Roman-Early Byzantine(AD 450 - 500) period , found the remains of a cistern . This 1500 year old historical monument shares the history, culture and art works of our country with all the guests, after the renovation. Antik Cistern has come to this day as a place where art, music and history meet.

What can you do in Ancient Cisterna ?
  • Wedding and engagement ceremonies
  • Invitations and celebrations
  • Graduation balls
  • Gala dinners
  • Party, anniversary and special day celebrations
  • Product launches


  • Seminars and panels
  • Dealer meetings
  • Artist introductions
  • Concert organizations
  • Painting, photography and sculpture exhibitions
  • Performances, theater and performances